News Letter (October 15–31, 2012)

1. Africa beyond Western politics

October 18, 2012.By Ngari Gituku: China Daily

Over the weekend, Ghana detained 100 Chinese for "illegal" mining, the latest case of frictions caused by Chinese economic activities in Africa, amid Western media's China bashing on the continent. However, such incidents shouldn't be allowed to harm growing China-Africa ties.

Through the influence of foreign news channels and their local media converts, Africa has consistently received Western ideas in such key areas as governance. Democracy, as cooked, simmered and served in the West, has perhaps been the most visible point of interest on a rather limited menu. Little wonder, China is now being sold by the West as the ultimate snake oil of neo-colonialism.


2. Decade of growth between China and Uganda

October 23, 2012. By Liu Xiangrui: China Daily

A growing Chinese business presence in Uganda has brought not only goods and services but also better infrastructure and job opportunities to the East African nation, reports Liu Xiangrui from the capital, Kampala.

In various parts of the city, which has a population of roughly 1.7 million, many Chinese businesses have knitted themselves firmly into the local community bringing new goods, new technologies, and even introduced new culture to a city and country which only a few years ago, were considered among the world's poorest and least-developed, he says.


3. Africa’s first Nobel laureate in literature visits China

October 29, 2012. By China Daily

Wole Soyinka — the first African writer to win the Nobel Prize in Literature — kicked off his first visit to China on Monday. The playwright and poet, born in Nigeria in 1934, will stay for a week. He will give three speeches in Beijing and tour Shanghai and Suzhou briefly after an invitation by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Renmin University.

Soyinka said at a speech at CASS that he has a strong interest in China's culture. "I'm greedy when it comes to new experiences," he said.


4. China’s long-term vision helps shake off bad image in Africa

October 30, 2012/ By Mark Kapchanga (Global Times) FOCAC News

Businesses constantly reinvent their strategies to beat the competition. They are always on the lookout for opportunities, and work tirelessly to meet their goal - wealth creation. China has perfected the art of operating like a business, bolstering its plans by constantly looking for opportunities, and erecting firewalls to deal with imminent threats.

In Africa, China has created millions of employment opportunities. It has set up modern infrastructure projects, developed dormant mineral deposits that have seen earnings more than triple. More importantly, it has injected a new lease of life into Africa's shaky education system by offering scholarships to thousands of students.


5. South Africa paper lauds Chinese writer for winning Nobel Prize in Literature

October 30, 2012. By FOCAC News

A Chinese writer was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature several days ago, marking a milestone in the country's continued integration with the world, a South African newspaper said on Wednesday.

The editorial noted that the Chinese writer's triumph on the international stage is a positive sign that "the world is gaining better access to the contemporary Chinese literature." The Chinese writer's award means "China is steadfastly making its mark in the world not only in the political and economic spheres, but also culturally," it said.