Speech by Ambassador H.E. Liu Guangyuan At the Launching Ceremony of the Extension Project of Mcedo-Beijing School Sponsored by Chinese Companies

Hon. Prof. Patrick Ayiecho Olweny, Assistant Minister of the Ministry of Education of Kenya,

Your Worship William Kinyanyi, Deputy Mayor of Nairobi City,

Mr. Pastor Benedict, Principal of Mcedo-Beijing School,

Mr. Li Qiang, Chairman of Kenya-China Economic and Trade Association,

Dear pupils and teachers,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Today’s event makes me recall that just about one year ago, my wife and my colleagues at the Embassy paid a visit here and donated TVs and some other items to Mcedo-Beijing School as Christmas gifts. After they came back, my wife showed me the pictures she took at your school. I was deeply expressed by the pretty boys and girls in the photos. This year, also before Christmas, I am here with my colleagues from the Chinese companies in Kenya, bringing another gift, which is to rebuild and expand the school. Here I see in person the expressions of the kids’ eyes, which are full of hopes and expectations. This has made me feel very much encouraged. May I take this opportunity to express sincere gratitude to the Ministry of Education of Kenya and the City Council of Nairobi for offering us the chance to carry out this project. I also wish to convey special thanks to the Chinese companies that have donated towards the construction of the school. Your generosity and commitments will turn Mcedo-Beijing School into a much more capacious, brighter and better one in the near future.

Mcedo-Beijing School was built in 2007 under the sponsorship of the Chinese Embassy in Kenya. In the last five years, it has fulfilled the go-to-school dreams of hundreds of kids from Mathare Slum and its surrounding areas, and given them precious opportunities to achieve their hopes and values in the future. However, now the number of pupils in the school has reached about 580, more than twice the capacity that it was originally designed to accommodate. The school has become too crowded. To meet this urgent need, the Chinese Embassy and 16 Chinese Companies in Kenya have recently jointly donated a total of 20.46 million KSH for the reconstruction and extension of the school.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Education is the foundation of a nation. Good education can change a child’s fate and grow up more talents that can serve as a country’s pillars. I highly appreciate that the Kenyan government has always attached great importance to the development of its education. Though China is thousands of miles away, it also regards education as a priority, since both our countries share the same concept in this regard. I am delighted to see that more and more Chinese companies are being actively engaged in the development of Kenya’s education sector just like what they have contributed to Mcedo-Beijing School. Once this project is done, it not only can provide the pupils here with better education conditions, but also can be regarded as another symbol of the true friendship between the Chinese and Kenyan people.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Since the establishment of our diplomatic relationship, China-Kenya friendship has enjoyed perpetual renewal. In the new century, China-Kenya mutually beneficial cooperation has seen rapid, extensive and profound developments. Moreover, this relationship has deepened and expanded to people-to-people cooperation. More and more increasingly, the Chinese companies in Kenya are attaching greater importance to the fulfillment of their social responsibilities and devoting themselves to returning gains to the local communities.

Over the last few years especially, the Chinese companies have been contributing extensively to the development of Kenya through its corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy which focuses on transferring knowledge, promoting environmental sustainability, training talents, building schools and donating food and water to tens of thousands of Kenyans. They have always come to the aid of the needy in the community and have been the first to extend a helping hand in times of natural disasters.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

China and Kenya are great friends and development partners. The long, stable and sincere friendship between our two peoples has yielded many positive results. I encourage more Chinese companies in Kenya to be close to the local communities and be friends with the local people. I also encourage the Chinese companies in Kenya to do more to enhance our mutual friendship and cooperation, and most importantly, to boost Kenya’s livelihood sectors such as education, healthcare and so on.

Lastly, wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thank you! Asante Sana!!

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