H. E. Ambassador Liu Guangyuan's Speech at the OpeningCeremony of CCTV Africa News Production Centre
(January 11, 2012, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Nairobi)

Your Excellency, Hon. Musyoka, Vice President of Kenya,

Hon. Poghisio, Minister for Information and Communication,

Hon. Balala, Minister for Tourism,

Dr. Ndemo, PS of Information and Communication,

Mr. Sun Yusheng, Vice President of China Central Television,

Distinguished guests,

My dear colleagues and fellow compatriots,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Good evening!

It is my great pleasure to attend the Opening Ceremony of China Central Television Africa News Production Centre. On behalf of the Chinese Embassy in Kenya, I would like to extend warm congratulations on the grand opening of CCTV Africa News Production Centre!

CCTV is one of the largest TV medias in the world. Today in Kenya, we are very happy and lucky to witness the establishment of the first ever overseas News Production Centre of CCTV. This very event marks a milestone not only in CCTV's undertakings to become a first-class international media, but also in the history of China-Africa media cooperation.

Your Excellency, Hon. Vice President Musyoka, ladies and gentlemen,

Media is an efficient tool to promote human interactions and an important bridge to form better understandings between nations. As China-Africa relationship is undergoing in-depth and rapid development, and both peoples eager for broader cooperation, it is the best time for CCTV to establish its Africa News Production Centre. Here I wish to share three ideas with CCTV Africa and my dear friends, that is to say, I hope that CCTV Africa News Production Centre could manage to tell "three stories":

First, tell China a good "story of Africa". I have worked in three countries in Western and Eastern Africa respectively. Three aspects of Africa have impressed me most: firstly, Africa is a continent in love of peace. The Africans are hardworking, intelligent and courageous people. Over the years, the African countries have been making joint efforts to overtake the various difficulties left over since the colonial times, and to create an independent, peaceful and stable environment for greater progress. Secondly, Africa is a continent full of hope and opportunities. With a population of one billion, abundant natural resources and vast markets, Africa is a rising "golden ground" with enormous potentials. In recent years, African has been maintaining sustained growth while its regional integration is keeping good momentum. The African countries and people are fully confident in building their wonderful homeland. Thirdly, Africa is a continent with infinite charm. With a long history, magnificent cultures and unique sceneries, Africa is a gem of the entire human civilizations. It is my sincere wish that CCTV Africa News Production Centre could have touched the pulse of Africa's development, and present the audience of China and the rest of the world with a colorful Africa which is boldly and confidently marching towards prosperity.

Second, tell Africa a good "story of China". As the Chinese Ambassador to Kenya, I can feel that the Kenyan and African people are eager to know more about the fast developing China. This is reflected by the African medias' coverage on China that is increasing with each passing day. However, due to some reasons known to all, quite amount of the coverage fails to showcase a true China in an all-round way. Therefore, CCTV Africa News Production Centre should take the responsibility to tell the "story of China" well, by timely broadcasting news covering various social areas of China, and profoundly introducing the successful experiences of China's economic development, China's foreign policy of peaceful development, China's brilliant history and culture as well as the Chinese people's life. In a word, we should try our best to show our African brothers and sisters the real image of China.

Third, tell the world a good "story of China-Africa friendship". The friendship between the Chinese and African peoples started over 600 years ago when the great Chinese Navigator, Zheng He, came to Africa. The old generation of state leaders built the strong and friendly bond between China and Africa half a century ago. This bond has been tested by changes of times and has been guiding the integrated, sustained and in-depth development of China-Africa relationship. Nowadays, this bond is filled with strong vitality and vigor, and deeply rooted in our hearts. The new-era China-Africa friendship, with cooperation, development and win-win as its core themes, serves as a mighty dynamic to push forward China-Africa relationship. It needs to be taken good care of by both Chinese and African people; it also calls for the understanding by people from the rest of the world. But you might see that, under the current unjust international media order, some people from a few countries are always painstakingly distorting the facts of China-Africa friendly ties. They are so fond of making false charges against us by misleading public opinions, thus it is very difficult for the people in the world to get a real image of the sound development of China-Africa relationship. Under such circumstances, CCTV Africa News Production Centre is bound to tell the whole world the true picture of China-Africa exchanges and cooperation.

Your Excellency, Hon. Vice President Musyoka, ladies and gentlemen,

Media cooperation will significantly further promote the development of China-Africa relationship. China-Africa media cooperation has broad prospects and great potential. We warmly welcome more and more African media people to visit and cover China. We also encourage African media houses to set up their branches in China. We hope they can bring more true and vivid stories about China to the African people. The Embassy of China in Kenya will do our best to lift China-Kenya and China-Africa media exchanges and cooperation to new heights!

Finally, I wish a great success of CCTV Africa News Production Centre!

Thank you very much!

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