Procedures for Foreign Reporters to Apply for Short-term News Coverage in China

For short-term news coverage in China by foreign reporters and related personnel

The following documents should be submitted to the consular office of the Chinese embassy, consulate or visa issuing institution(s) authorized by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs in ---- (country or region).

1. A letter of application for covering news in China signed by the head of the foreign media organization with detailed programs in China including the name list of the visiting reporter(s), date of arrival and departure, venue(s) and subject of news coverage.

2. An invitation letter by the interviewee.

3. The applicant's passport, copies of professional journalist credentials and contact information.

4. Completed visa application form.

5. Completed Equipment Declaration Form if the reporter(s) intend(s) to bring into China reporting equipment of his (their) own.

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