Ambassador Zhang Ming's Remarks on China-Kenya and China-Africa Relations

Nairobi August 8, 2008: During an interview with the United States Public Broadcasting Services (PBS) in Nairobi, H.E. Zhang Ming, the Chinese Ambassador to Kenya, spoke highly of China-Kenya and China-Africa relations.

H.E. Zhang Ming said China and Kenya enjoyed an excellent relationship. This year marks the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between the two countries. The past forty-five years have witnessed fruitful cooperation between China and Kenya based on non-interference of each other's internal affairs, mutual respect and treating each other as equals. China cherished the bilateral relationship with Kenya and was ready to work hand in hand with Kenya to bring our mutually beneficial, friendly relationship to a brighter future.

On China- Africa relations, He said, China attached great importance to its relationship with Africa and behaved as good friend, good partnership and good brother to African people. The purpose for China to develop its cooperation with Africa was not for its own benefit. China aimed at achieving common progress and common development of the two sides. It was an important part of China's foreign policies to consolidate and strengthen the unity and cooperation between China and Africa. It was also a necessary choice for China to adopt its path of peaceful development and contribute to building a harmonious world.

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