1. Briefing on COVID-19 cases in China

According to China’s National Health Commission and the State Council inter-agency task force, the latest development of COVID-19 cases in China’s mainland is as follows:

(1)Excluding Hubei province, March 16 saw 20 new confirmed cases, all imported. ZERO local transmitted case has been reported for 4 consecutive days.

(2)In Hubei province, new confirmed cases dropped to 1, which is in Wuhan. Other cities in Hubei Province reported ZERO new confirmed cases for 11 days in a row. ZERO new suspected case has been reported for the first time since the outbreak.

(3)As the situation in Hubei has improved significantly, the first batch of 3,675 medics in 41 medical teams from across China to help Hubei contain the outbreak, departed from Hubei on March 17.

(4)As of 24:00 on March 16 (Beijing Time), 80,881 confirmed cases have been reported, including 68,679 cured cases and 3,226 fatalities.

2. Progress of vaccine development

(1)China has authorized clinical trials on a recombinant vaccine developed to combat COVID-19.

(2)Chinese scientists have been racing to develop COVID-19 vaccines by five approaches. Most teams are expected to complete preclinical research in April and some are moving forward faster.

3. China and Africa stand together in this global challenge

(1)Chinese officials and specialists from departments of health and customs will hold a video conference on March 18 with their counterparts from over 20 African countries and Africa CDC to share information and experience on combating COVID-19.

(2)Apart from government response, private sector is encouraged by China to participate and support Africa. Jack Ma Foundation will donate to each one of the 54 African countries 20 thousand testing kits, 100 thousand masks, and 1,000 protective suits. A Chinese bio-tech company, which is one of the companies producing nucleic testing kits for COVID-19, will donate 2,000 testing kits to Kenya as per request from the Embassy.



March 17, 2020

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