Update on the China Southern Airlines Flight
(February 26, 2020)

In addition to today’s press release, the Embassy would like to inform that after a brief suspension for readjustment of flight schedules, the China Southern Airlines resumed flights from Guangzhou to Nairobi today and flights will be reduced to once a week until 25th March 2020. The Airlines has notified the Ministry of Health in advance, and all passengers on board have been screened and cleared. The Embassy has also sent officials to the airport for assistance, and before arrival of the flight the Embassy has reminded all Chinese companies and diaspora groups in Kenya again of the 14-day self-quarantine requirements.


The Embassy wishes to reiterate that 14-day self-quarantine is one of China’s epidemic prevention and control experiences and for the public health safety of Kenya which we all cherish, Chinese nationals entering Kenya should cooperate with the Ministry of Health and strictly isolate themselves for 14 days. For those Chinese nationals in quarantine, we have provided their information to the Ministry of Health for monitoring, and requested the Chinese companies and diaspora groups to provide necessary volunteer service.


The Embassy wishes to reassure our Kenyan brothers and sisters that the Embassy will do our utmost to work together with the Kenyan government to prevent importation of the COVID-19 into Kenya.



FEBRUARY 26, 2020


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