Ambassador Wu Peng Briefs to Media on Fighting against COVID-19

On Feb 13th, Chinese Ambassador to Kenya Wu Peng held a press briefing on fighting against the COVID-19. Kenyan Media including Nation, Standard, Star, CFM, KBC, NTV, People Daily and XinHua Agency, BBC attended. Amb. Wu took questions after the briefing.  

Amb. Wu briefly introduced China's actions on combating the virus, indicating that China has gone all out to fight the disease. The speed, intensity and coverage of China's response have been unprecedented in the world. The series of measures are taking effect gradually. China has every confidence in winning the final victory.  

It has set up a unified principle and leadership. Central Government has set the guiding principle as "place people's life, security and health above anything else". An Inter-agency Prevention and Central task force have been set up, working efficiently to make sure all urgent issues are resolved quickly.

It has mobilized a "People's War". The entire nation has been mobilized. All the 31 provinces in China's mainland have activated first-level public health emergency response, taking the most comprehensive and rigorous measures possible. 

It is fighting as one. More than 23,000 medical staff have been mobilized and deployed to Hubei to offer all needed support. Two new specialized hospitals with over 2600 beds for the coronavirus treatment are now being operated in Wuhan. A dozen of mobile cabin hospitals are set up to treat mild symptom patients. The Central and local government have made emergency allocation of about US$ 10 billion worth of reserve medical supplies such as protective suits, masks and medicine to Wuhan and Hubei Province and the whole country. Now most factories nationwide have resumed production of the medical supplies to relieve the shortage.

It is fighting with scientific measures. The Chinese CDC and some other researching institute home and abroad have separated the virus and currently identifying a seed strain. The detection devices and reagents have been developed and applied nationwide. The most capable experts of China and around the world are racing against time to develop treatment methods and prevention measures. China is also working closely with WHO to do the corresponding research and develop new drugs and vaccine.

It is acting with openness and transparency. With utmost openness and promptness, the Chinese government is working closely with the WHO on fighting the epidemic. The Chinese authorities update the data and situation every day, meanwhile sharing with the international communities. Myself and the Embassy has kept close touch with GoK, including Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Health, Transport on the prevention and control of the disease.   

Amb. Wu said that the embassy would continue monitoring the entry of Chinese nationals into Kenya and had instructed them to strictly adhere to the prevention and control measures. The Embassy has required all Chinese nationals coming back from China to isolate themselves at home for 14 days even they have no symptoms.

Foreign nationals including Kenyan are safe in China. According to the professional evaluation of WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros, the safest way for foreign nationals in Wuhan is to stay put and ensure effective self-protection. Hasty movement will only add more uncertainties. It is quite normal to see some worries and anxieties from those people in China and their families at this difficult time. But it is wise, safe, and right for Kenyan students and other citizens to stay in Wuhan and China for a while. China has the ability, capacity and resources to manage the public health emergency effectively.  

Amb. Wu said, Coronavirus has been hitting headlines in many countries' media, including Kenya's. Many of the reports offer objective information and reasonable analysis. We appreciate that. However, there are also some rumor and panic on the internet. Those rumors and panic are more frightening than the virus itself. Confidence and determination are of vital importance in overcoming the epidemic. The issue of public health goes beyond national borders and requires the joint efforts of all sides, including the media, who should take up their due social responsibility in this battle against a common enemy of all mankind.


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