As of 24:00 on 3rd February 2020, the National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China had received 20,438 reports of confirmed cases and 425 deaths in the mainland of China, and in all 632 patients had been cured and discharged from hospital.


Attaching great importance to people's life and health, China has taken the most strict and comprehensive control measures that are far exceeding the WHO recommendations and IHR requirements. As the WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros noted, declaring a Public Health Emergency of International Concern is to help countries that have weaker health systems and are ill-prepared. The WHO doesn't approve of and even rejects travel bans on China.


Based on a highly responsible manner, all airports in China are strictly checking the temperature of all passengers departing or arriving. Whoever with fever will be sent to the nearest health facilities to be quarantined and further treated. China’s civil aviation industry has also adopted various and effective measures such as adjusting to the high level ventilation of the aircraft, increasing disinfection frequency and recommending all international passengers to wear masks to minimize the risk of the epidemic transmitting through the aircraft and ensure the safety and health of passengers.


The Chinese Embassy in Kenya keeps monitoring with Chinese community the entry of Chinese nationals into Kenya. The Embassy is continuously supervising Chinese nationals in Kenya to take strict preventive measures and report their situations, including to ensure all Chinese companies in Kenya to quarantine their employees returning from China for 14 days no matter they have symptoms or not. To date there is no suspected case of novel coronavirus among Chinese nationals in Kenya.


The merciless virus has brought out great warmth from our fellow human beings. Many Kenyan government officials, scholars and netizens expressed their good wishes, encouragements and supports to us for China's fight against the epidemic in recent days. Hereby we wish to express our sincere thanks to them all.


In the meantime, we firmly reject a few extreme and irrational remarks that have appeared in certain media. We call for Kenya media maintaining an objective, comprehensive and humane stance in conducting reports of the epidemic and avoid hyping unconfirmed information or even rumors.


China will continue to work more closely with Kenya and other countries in an open, transparent and highly responsible manner to safeguard the life and health of the Chinese people and contribute to regional and global public health security.



4th FEBRUARY 2020

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