Minister Counselor Zhao Xiyuan Attended Inauguration Ceremony for Kenyan Power Transmission Project

The inauguration ceremony for a power transmission and distribution project was held in Konza Technopolis of Kenya on November 14th, 2019, attended by over 200 people including Minister Counselor Zhao Xiyuan of the Chinese embassy, China Aerospace Construction Group representative Li Naihong that is responsible for the project’s construction, Cabinet Secretary for Energy Charles Keter, Cabinet Secretary of the Ministry of Information and Communications Joseph Wakaba Mucheru, Principal Secretary for Energy Eng. Joseph Njoroge, and representatives of local businesses and the local people.

Minister Counselor Zhao addressed the inauguration ceremony, congratulating the formal launch of the project. He said that power is the basis for the development of manufacturing industry, and is important for realizing President Kenyatta’s Big Four Agenda. After its completion, the project will not only be able to provide power support to Konza Technopolis, but also benefit its neighboring areas. He hopes to see early conclusion of the project to benefit the country and the Kenyan people, and reaffirmed that China will continue to firmly support Kenya’s economic and social development, and play its part for Kenya’s modernization.

Secretary Keter thanked the Chinese embassy and China Aerospace Construction Group for their important contribution to the project, saying that Konza Technopolis welcomes the most important infrastructure project today. The Kenyan government attaches high importance to power infrastructure. Konza Technopolis will become Kenya’s important economic center in the future, and will provide more job opportunities for the Kenya people.


Secretary Mucheru congratulated the launch of the project, saying that Konza Technopolis is maintaining a sound development momentum, with investment projects keeping growing. After its completion, the project will offer secure and stable power guarantee for the businesses in Konza Technopolis. He was glad to see that major projects like the Huawei Data Center are moving ahead steadily, and that supplementary projects such as hospitals and police stations will be launched. He expressed confidence that the city will have a better future.


The power project includes the construction of four 250km high voltage power transmission and distribution lines and expansion of eight power transformation stations, and is expected to be completed within 30 months.

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