Ambassador Wu Peng Attended the Launching Ceremony of 2018-2019 Social Responsibility Report of Chinese Enterprises in Kenya Compiled by Kenya-China Economic and Trade Association and Delivered a Speech

On August 27, H.E. Amb. Wu Peng, Chinese Ambassador to Kenya attended the launching ceremony of 2018-2019 Social Responsibility Report of Chinese Enterprises in Kenya which was compiled by Kenya-China Economic and Trade Association. Ababu Namwamba, Patricia, Deputy Director of Small Enterprises and Business Environment Division of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Cooperatives, Rachel, Deputy CEO of Kenya Private Sector Alliance, Li Changgui, Chairman of Kenya China Economic and Trade Association, and Minister Counselor Guo Ce of the Economic Section of the Chinese embassy were present at the meeting. About 150 participants, including representatives of affiliate member enterprises of the Kenya-China Economic and Trade Association, representatives of local employees, Kenyan media, Kenyan teachers and students in schools funded by Chinese enterprises attended the ceremony.

Ambassador Wu Peng said that Kenya has become an important participant in the "Belt and Road Initiative" and the indispensable gateway for Chinese enterprises to "go into Africa". In recent years, Sino-Kenyan relations have deepened continuously under the leadership of the heads of state of both countries, leading to ever closer economic and trade cooperation and more frequent interaction between enterprises of the two countries. Ambassador Wu Peng spoke highly of the contribution made by Chinese enterprises to the Kenyan society. The kind intention and behavior of Chinese enterprises have strengthened people-to-people ties between the people of Kenya and China, laying a more solid foundation for all-round cooperation between Kenya and China. Ambassador Wu Peng encouraged more Chinese enterprises to follow the spirit of equality, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation and to make greater contribution to the great causes that improve the local people's well-being, such as Kenya's economic and employment growth, environmental protection and education.

Mr.Namwamba, Chief Administrative Secretary in the Kenya's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that the Social Responsibility Report was of great significance since it showed that Chinese enterprises have started to make contributions to the society in return and at the same time were making themselves better understood by the society. Mr.Namwamba hopes that Chinese enterprises can hire more young Kenyans and share technology and skills with local employees, so as to promote Kenya's economic development and to improve people's living standards. Moreover, Mr.Namwamba also encouraged Chinese enterprises to take advantage of Kenya's strategic position and friendly investment environment to conduct more business.

In mid-2017, the Kenya-China Economic and Trade Association compiled and released the world's first country-specific social responsibility report focusing mainly on the Chinese enterprises and associations. The 2018-2019 Social Responsibility Report released this time shows how member enterprises of the Kenya-China Economic and Trade Association fulfilled their social responsibility from the second half of 2017 to the first half of 2019 and the overall impact on the local economy, community and environment. The report demonstrates the friendship of Chinese enterprises with the Kenyan people, explains the concept how Chinese enterprises and the Kenyan people are "working together for a brighter shared future" and keeps a record of the efforts made by Chinese enterprises for Kenya's economic and social development and their achievements. It helps all sectors of society to have a panoramic understanding of the development mode of Chinese enterprises in Kenya.

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