Chinese Ambassador to Kenya Wu Peng Held Discussions with Chinese Businesses

Amb. Wu Peng held discussions with representatives of Chinese businesses in Kenya on June 17th. Over 130 people, including some embassy staff, leaders of economic chambers in Kenya, and representatives of Chinese businesses were present.

Amb. Wu gave an update about the work of the embassy, soliciting opinions from the business representatives to learn about their development in Kenya, and answering their questions accordingly. He recognized and thanked the business community for their support to the embassy and contributions to China-Kenya relations, speaking highly of their achievements in promoting local economic development, growing jobs, integrating with the society and contributing to the communities. The Ambassador reaffirmed that the embassy will do its utmost to uphold the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens so long as they hold legal citizenship and work permits and operate in accordance with local laws and regulations. The embassy will, as always, fulfill its due obligations, reflect related situations to competent Kenyan departments, and require Kenyan law-enforcement personnel to act in accordance with the law and safeguard a sound business environment.


Amb. Wu also emphasized that the Chinese business community should raise their law awareness and be proactive in paying due taxes and integrating with the local society. He encouraged them to have full confidence over China-Africa relations and China-Kenya relations, and find out their own problems and take them seriously, so as to update their ways of operation, mingle with the local people, and address the problems regarding life, safety and growth. He said that the embassy is the home of the Chinese businesses and will do whatever it can to offer consular protection and best services, and fully protect legitimate rights and interests of the Chinese business community.


The Ambassador’s remarks won warm response from the business representatives. They raised their suggestions and opinions on business development in Kenya based on their own experiences, calling on all Chinese businesses here to respond to the calling of the embassy to live and work in accordance with local laws and regulations, and integrate with the local society.

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