The Speech on "Hand in Hand for Common Growth" Job Fairby Charge d'Affaires of Chinese Embassy Mr. Li Xuhang Oct 29th 2018, KICC Nairobi

Your Honorable Amb. Christopher Chika, Director of Asia, Australasia and Pacific Islands Department of Kenyan MFA,

Your Honorable Amb. Johnson Weru, Director of Economic Affairs and Commercial Diplomacy Directorate,

Distinguished guests,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Good morning!


It is my honor to be here today to attend the “Hand in hand for Common Growth” job fair held by Kenya China Economic and Trade Association. I’m glad to see the effort to establish professional relationships between Kenyan youth and Chinese companies.


As far as I know, in ancient times, only when a Masai boy kills a lion can he be recognized as a real man who is capable to protect his family from danger, and support his family against challenges. In modern times, I believe only when an educated student gets a job can he or she be recognized as a grown-up who is the central pillar supporting the country and society. His Excellence President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Big 4 Agenda, which are enhancing manufacturing, food security and nutrition, universal health coverage and affordable housing, rely so much on job creation. His Excellency Chinese President Xi Jinping also shares the same value, emphasizing that “Employment is the key to people’s wellbeing”. Bearing the same belief in mind, Kenya China Economic and Trade Association is holding the job fair today.


At today’s job fair, the best Chinese multinational companies have strong willingness to provide Kenyan talents with the best offers. For instance, a Kenyan manager in Huawei gets 120 thousand US dollar per year, which is even higher than many of his Chinese colleagues. Beatrice Marshall, who is a professional and elegant News Anchor for CGTN Africa, brings the African headlines to the whole world and get the chance to interview Chinese Premier Li Keqiang during his African tour in 2014. When the Standard Gauge Railway officially commissioned last year, it was 2 Kenyan ladies who steered President Kenyatta and other high-profile figures on that train, and she has been recognized as the most distinguished female of Kenyan history since independence. These are only several examples of the talented Kenyan employees working for Chinese companies. As long as you’re qualified, the offers from Chinese companies will make you well-paid, well-known and even with glorious honor.


However, I must admit, working for Chinese Companies is not easy. Chinese people is one of the most hard-working and self-disciplined peoples in the world. Many people in my home country describe their jobs as “5 + 2 and Day + night”, but they enjoy it, because they have strong belief in a saying by President Xi ——“Happiness is achieved through hard work, and hark work itself is a kind of happiness”. Only with this cultural background can China’s GDP reached 12 trillion US Dollar last year, ranking the second largest of the world, which is 34 times larger than the GDP in 1978. Only with this cultural background can China Road and Bridge spent half of the time to build the SGR to benefit Kenyan people. Only with this cultural background can AVIC build up the Global Trade Centre with the speed of 10 days per floor for apartment, hotel and office building together. This is how the “Chinese miracle” realized.


The fruitful results such as SGR and Global Trade Centre are achieved by our two peoples. By the end of 2016, 42,468 local employees are working for 73 member-companies of Kenya China Economic and Trade Association, accounting for 87% of the total employment. I believe the numbers of local employees must have increased a lot since then. A World Bank report in 2016 also noted that Chinese businesses in Kenya on average employed 360 local employees, far greater than the average 147 locals employed by other foreign enterprises in Kenya. Chinese companies choose to be more localized, because we know that Kenyan employees are so diligent, ambitious and farsighted to overcome cultural differences and language barrier to make a difference. They are the real creators of “Kenyan Miracle”.


All of you present today can also join them to be the future creators of “Kenyan Miracle”. As I’m told, there are over 50 Chinese companies providing more than 1000 job opportunities. A little advertisement, 3 job slots for Chinese Embassy. The job vacancies include Human Recourse, Statistics, Procurement & Supply Chain, Analytical and Biochemistry, Geology, Nursing & First Aid, Mechanical Engineering, Structural, Civil Building Engineering and so on. These opportunities are various, which will accommodate those that are just out of college and those that have a few years industrial experience. I believe there must be one fit for you.


Ladies and gentlemen,


On the 2018 Beijing Summit of FOCAC, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced 8 major initiatives, opening an ambitious chapter in China-Africa cooperation. “Eight major initiatives” pools the strength of the Belt and Road Initiative, and attracts more Chinese companies to invest in Kenya and create more job opportunities for Kenyan people.


What’s more, President Kenyatta is going to China to attend China International Import Expo in this week. The second visit to China in only 2 months shows his confidence and resolution in China-Kenya cooperation. Therefore, it is affirmative that Kenyan government, enterprises, media and academia will be supportive for our Kenyan brothers and sisters who pioneer in creating China-Africa shared future.


Here, I would like to take this opportunity to call for all Chinese workers in Kenya to learn English and even kidogo Swahili to eliminate the language barrier with Kenyan brothers and sisters. I would like to call for all Chinese companies in Kenya to continuously abide by local laws, carry out social responsibility, create and protect good images of companies. I would like to call for all Chinese nationals in Kenya to promote the healthy and stable development of China-Kenya economic and trade ties, and inject new vitalities into two countries’ friendly relations. I would like to call for all Chinese in Kenya to work closely with Kenyan brothers and sisters, hand in hand, for our common growth to make a new miracle here called “China-Kenya Cooperation Miracle”.


I hope today’s event a great success, with more bright young people landing their dream jobs, and more Chinese companies finding their needed talents.


Thank you!

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