Remarks by H.E. Dr. Liu Xianfa, Chinese Ambassador to Kenya at the China Africa Symposium on Fast Elimination of Malaria Source Eradication

Remarks by H.E. Dr. Liu Xianfa, Chinese Ambassador to Kenya at the China Africa Symposium

on Fast Elimination of Malaria Source Eradication

(Nairobi, Kenya. April 21st 2017)


Honorable Dr. Cleopa Mailu, Cabinet Secretary for Health of Kenya,

Honorable Mr. Wang Guoqiang, Vice Minister of National Health and Family Planning Commission of China, Director of State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good morning!

It gives me great pleasure to participate in the China-Africa Symposium on Fast Elimination of Malaria Source Eradication jointly organized by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of China and the Ministry of Health of Kenya. First of all, on behalf of the Chinese Embassy in Kenya, please allow me to extend my warm congratulations to the seminar. I also wish to take this opportunity to pay high tribute and express heartfelt gratitude to those who have made important contributions to China-Kenya health cooperation over the years. My special thanks go to Honorable CS Mailu and Honorable Vice Minister Wang Guoqiang. Without your valuable support and kind attention, the bilateral health cooperation could not have gone thus far.

Though China and Kenya are far apart geographically, we have a very long history of friendly exchanges. Many much-told stories of our friendship have been passed down till today. China-Kenya relation has stood the test of various challenges in history. The Chinese people and the Kenyan people have supported each other in the struggle for national independence, liberation and development, forged a brotherly friendship of shared destiny and fortune.

The launch of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) in 2000 provided an important platform for collective dialogue between China and African countries, and an effective mechanism for conducting result-oriented cooperation. Under this mechanism and bilateral Comprehensive Cooperative Partnership, China-Kenya cooperation has entered a new era and is now standing at a historic height. Two countries’ high level exchanges and political trust have been brought up to a new level. China is now the largest trading partner for Kenya. Mombasa-Nairobi SGR has almost completed all-line construction and will be open for traffic in June. It bears the century dream of the Kenyan people and is a railway of prosperity and cooperation. The SGR is one example, which will upgrade Kenya’s transportation network, reduce the costs of logistics, create a great number of jobs, drive local economic development and tremendously spur Kenya’s economic growth.

Not just in the field of infrastructure, our cooperation is gaining momentum in all other areas, and cooperation on health is a testament to the genuine friendship between China and Africa. Over the years, China has helped Kenya to build three hospitals by grant, including Eldoret Hospital, Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital and Gatundu Hospital. The Teaching Referral Hospital at University of Kenyatta is under construction with concessional loans provided by the Chinese government. In terms of cooperation on human resource development in health sector, the Chinese side sponsored dozens of doctors and nurses to go to China through training programs every year. As to the area of combating malaria, China helped Kenya to build the Malaria Prevention and Treatment Center in Kenyatta Hospital and provided several batches of anti-malaria medicine and advanced equipments. In other African countries, China has also made great efforts in tackling malaria. The experience in Comoros is a good example and a great success. The implementation of the compound artemisinin on fast elimination of malaria project in the past few years, has effectively curbed the epidemic of malaria in Comoros, achieving a zero death rate of malaria. All these are not only beneficial to the people of Africa, but also helpful to inherit the traditional friendship between African countries and China.

I believe that this academic seminar will elevate the exchange and cooperation of health between China and Africa into a new stage, and further deepen the friendship between our people.

Once again, I wish the seminar a great success! Wish African people health and happiness! Thank you!

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