Speech By H.E. Ambassador Liu Xianfa At the Reception Marking the 66th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China

(Chinese Embassy, 28 September 2015)


Hon. Speaker Justin Muturi,

Hon. Cabinet Secretaries and Principle Secretaries,

Hon. Assistant Chief of Defense Forces, Major General Kibochi,

Hon. Senators and MPs,

Excellencies Ambassadors, High Commissioners, Colleagues from the diplomatic corps and UN agencies,

Friends, Ladies and Gentlemen:

Welcome to the Chinese National Day Reception. We are delighted to have you all with us to celebrate the 66th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

This is the second time I have the honor of hosting a Chinese National Day reception here in Kenya. In more than one and half years, I have visited many places in Kenya. My colleagues and I are so much impressed by its long history, splendid culture, and talented people. Under the leadership of Jubilee Alliance, the people of Kenya, through creativity and hard working, have made and will continue to make great strides in economic and social development.

Over the 66 years, China has also scored great achievements. China’s national economy has developed at a high speed, with its overall national strength increased notably and the people’s living standards greatly improved. China’s leap-frog progress has transformed people’s lives and made outstanding contribution to world peace and prosperity.

The year 2015 especially witnessed a series of China’s big and happy events.

●Beijing’s bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics was a resounding success. Beijing will become the only city in the world that has ever hosted both the summer and winter Olympics. And Beijing also presented an excellent 2015 World Athletics Championship. Team Kenya took the lead, won 7 Gold medals, and made history in Beijing.

●China moved ahead with the initiative of “The Belt and Road” , promote global cooperation on production capacity and initiated the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank. These offered huge opportunities for the world to share.

●China commemorated the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese People’s War against Japanese Aggression and the World Anti-Fascist War, demonstrating our commitment to peaceful development. This year also marks the 70th anniversary of the United Nations (UN). As far as the existing international system is concerned, China has been a participant, builder and contributor. We stand firmly for the international order and system based on the purposes and principles of the UN charter.

●China, as the biggest developing country in the world, remains “as committed as ever” to South-South Cooperation. President Xi Jinping has announced a USD two billion fund to support South-South cooperation in addition to launching the “Six 100s” initiative to help the developing countries in poverty reduction, agriculture, trade, environment, health and education. South-South Cooperation should and will be results-oriented rather than “just being empty talk”.

Today, Chinese economy is stable and moving in a positive direction despite its moderation in speed.

●Its growth rate is 7 percent in the first half of this year, remaining one of the highest in the world.

●Even better is that China’s economic structure is rapidly improving. Today, the services sector already accounts for half of China’s GDP, and consumption contributes 60% to growth.

●China’s economy is highly resilient and has much potential and ample space to grow. In the next five years, China is expected to import 10 trillion US dollars of products and invest over 500 billion dollars overseas and outbound visits by the Chinese people will exceed 500 million. China will continue to be the engine for sustained world economic growth.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In August 2013, President Xi Jinping and President Uhuru Kenyatta jointly established the China-Kenya Comprehensive Cooperative Partnership featuring equality, mutual trust and mutual benefit. Since then, our bilateral relations moved fast forward at a new height with fruitful results in all fields.

●Our mutual political trust has continuously deepened. In May 2014, the Chinese Premier Li Keqiang paid a successful visit to Kenya. In May this year, Kenyan National Assembly Speaker Hon. Justin Muturi successfully visited China. Yesterday, President Xi Jinping and President Kenyatta co-chaired in New York the Global Leaders’ Meeting on Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment, making new commitments to more actions for gender equality.

●Our economic and trade cooperation has achieved magnificent results. In 2014, our bilateral trade volume reached 5.09 billion USD, increasing by 53%. In the first half of 2015, the trade volume reached 2.9 billion USD with a 65% year-on-year increase.

●Our scientific and technological cooperation is gaining momentum. Last December, the China-Africa Joint Research Centre was officially launched at JKUAT. The agricultural crop molecular laboratory project in Egerton University is making steady progress. Furthermore, preparations are underway for the construction of a railway academy in Kenya, so as to train more professionals and engineers for railway construction.

●Our People-to-People exchanges have grown quickly. Four Confucius Institutes and one Confucius Class have been established in Kenya, making her among African countries with the most Confucius Institutes. Every year the Chinese government provides for Kenya over 500 government scholarships and training opportunities. China has become Kenyan’s second largest tourist source country from Asia.

More importantly, the friendship between our two peoples, dates back to more than 600 years ago, and keeps increasing and deepening.

●In 2010, a Chinese teacher, Zhang Wenqiang, came all on his own to Kisumu. He then spent the next 5 years teaching and helping thousands in over 50 schools and forged a deep friendship with the locals. Now Mr. Zhang has been back home, but more and more Mr. Zhangs are coming and follow his path, as they cherish the great feeling of affection for Kenya.

●At the construction site of Mombasa-Nairobi SGR, more than 25,000 Kenyan engineers and workers are working with their Chinese counterparts to build a new and long lasting railway for their motherland. At the same time, Chinese experts are helping cultivating 15,000 local skilled workers and 400 engineers and advanced technicians. Every forward yard of the railway witnesses their sweat, collaboration and contribution.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Now we are in a critical period for promoting our friendship and cooperation as Kenya is speeding-up its process of industrialization and fulfillment of Vision 2030, while China is promoting economic restructuring and industrial upgrading. This year, Kenya has been listed among a few of African countries with which China will carry out industrial cooperation, and our cooperation presented a good start. The SGR achieved significant and vigorous progress, created 25,000 jobs and conducted cooperation with 400 local suppliers and sub-contractors. And many new cooperation projects are in preparation. For example, several days ago, Kenya signed contract with China to extend Nairobi-Mombasa Railway to Naivasha, and to build Mombasa Free Trade Zone. In addition, Chinese and American enterprises have decided to work together to build 60 wind power plants valued 327 million USD in Kipeto and Kajiado Counties.

As a saying goes,“set sail when the wind is fair. ” It’s the right time for the large boat of China-African friendly cooperation to ride the wind and forge ahead in the vast ocean. On December this year, the Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation will be held in South Africa, which is bound to mark a milestone in the history of China-African relations. President Xi Jingping will come together with leaders from Kenya and other African countries, to renew our friendship, to seek common development and to draw a new blueprint for China-African cooperation.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Friends,

There goes a Chinese idiom, “When everyone paddles together, even a big ship can sail at a fast speed.” There is an African proverb, “A single person is not strong enough to pull a boat.” I believe, as long as we join hands and redouble our efforts, China-Kenya comprehensive cooperative partnership certainly will have a even better future.

In conclusion, may I invite you to join me in a toast,

To the 66th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China!

To the brighter future of China-Kenya relations!

And to the health of all the guests present!


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