True Stories to be told, Sincere Friendship to be praised
--Remarks by Ambassador Liu Xianfa at the Award Ceremony of Writing Contest

Your Excellency, Hon. Ekwee Ethuro, Speaker of the Senate of the Republic of Kenya,

Hon. Senator Stephen Sang,

Mr. Michael Munyao, Chairman of the China-Africa Friendship Association Kenya Chapter,

Mr. Franklin Asira, Chairman of Kenya China Alumni Association,

Distinguished Guests,

Dear Friends,

Ladies and Gentlemen,


Karibuni sana!

Welcome to the Award Ceremony of the "My China /Kenya Story" Writing Contest. Thank you all especially Your Excellency, Hon. Speaker of Senate of the Republic of Kenya, for finding time from your very tight schedule to grace this special event. Like many Kenyans and Chinese friends in Kenya, I'm so happy this week, because after a very long dry season, we've had at last good rains, which mean big harvests. Also here today, I'm very pleased to share with you that, for the first time, the Chinese Embassy in Kenya, together with the Kenya-China Economic and Trade Association, the Kenya Overseas Chinese Association organized this contest, and got very positive responses. Altogether the organizing committee received a total of 201 articles in English and 127 articles in Chinese, with 32 outstanding articles emerged as winning works through a strict selection process.

Taking this opportunity, I would like to express warm congratulations to the 32 award winners, and deep gratitude to Chinese and Kenyan friends for your participation, contribution and support. I also wish to express heartfelt thanks to the co-organizers, for all your efforts in making the event a success.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We've so happy that this writing contest was broadly represented by Kenyan friends from all walks of life, by participants from Chinese enterprises, Chinese media houses, the Confucius Institutes and the Chinese community in Kenya. The participating stories have a variety of forms and themes, including narrations, argumentative writings, prose and modern poems. All these stories, centering on the main theme, have expounded from different angles the writers' understanding and perspectives of the Kenyan or Chinese history and culture, customs and conditions as well as social development. All these stories vividly told the unforgettable experiences of their own, people around them or the groups they are in, who run business, study or work in Kenya or in China. All these stories recorded in an all-round way the deep-rooted friendship and touching stories within the people-to-people exchanges between China and Kenya. When I sat back to read the articles, savoring every word, I cannot help but contemplating on the friendly and encouraging spirits revealed within and between the lines. These articles, though in different forms and styles, are all true life stories, and that's why though simple and unadorned, they are all sincere and heartwarming.

Here, I see the story of profound friendship and sincere cooperation. No matter at work, in study or daily life, our two peoples work hand-in-hand and treat each other equally, sincerely and friendly. This is very naturally the continuity of the long China-Kenya friendship and opens a new chapter of jointly sowing dreams for the future. 

Here, I see the story of standing together through thick and thin. Whether facing severe natural disasters, terrorist threats or in adversity, our hearts and hands are linked together and we feel deep sympathy and offer full supports for each other. Hand in hand, we overcome the challenges together, demonstrating selfless love and affectionate brotherhood. 

Here, I see the story of getting acquainted and conducting mutual exchanges and learning. We learn from each other's long and profound history and cultures, further enhance mutual understanding, and walk more and more closely towards each other. We work together to spread advanced science and technology, promote economic and social development, thus nurture numerous moving stories.

Ladies and gentlemen, 

We've made a full success for the Writing Contest through hardworking by all of us. However, it is just a new start, rather than a destination. Let's work together to make these stories been told far and wide. Let these beautiful stories enter into tens and thousands of households and make those unfamiliar with China-Kenya friendship got to know that China and Kenya are good friends, good partners and good brothers. 

Let's work together to discover more of these stories. The stories we read today is just a small part of our numerous China-Kenya friendship stories. It's our lasting responsibility to help more and more of these stories emerge, bringing benefits and glory to the China-Kenya friendship. 

Let's work together to create more of these stories. We should relay the China-Kenya friendship from generation to generation. We should work closer and harder for China-Kenya friendly cooperation. We should make new and beautiful stories to converge into the ocean of China-Kenya friendship and to pile up into the summit of the China-Kenya cooperation. 

Most importantly, let's work together to fulfill and write new and great story of China-Kenya comprehensive cooperative partnership. For more than half a century, no matter ups or downs, we jointly pursued national independence and liberation, safeguarded national sovereignty and dignity, sought peace and security, and worked for development and revitalization.  Now today, the bilateral relations are in the best historical period. When we stand in the highlands of history, recalling the past in the light of the present, we feel more responsibility on our shoulders. During his state visit to China last year, President Kenyatta and Chinese President Xi Jinping jointly announced the establishment of China-Kenya comprehensive cooperative partnership. This May, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang paid a successful visit to Kenya, greatly promoting the pragmatic cooperation in all areas of the two countries. The two historic visits have drafted the blueprint for the big story of China-Kenya friendship. The destination is ahead and the road is under the foot. Hand in hand, Chinese and Kenyan people are marching forward for a better tomorrow. 

Asanteni Sana and thank you all! 



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