China-Kenya Friendship Photography Contest

On the occasion of celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, as well as the 56th anniversary of China-Kenya diplomatic relations, the Chinese Embassy in Kenya and the Kenya Union of Journalists (KUJ) will co-organize a China-Kenya Friendship Photography Contest.

● Participants

--All Kenyan citizens including media professionals.

--All Chinese nationals living or working in Kenya including Chinese media professionals.


The photos should focus on:

--China-Kenya people-to-people exchanges and friendships

--China-Kenya cooperation in all fields and aspects

--Chinese people's life stories in Kenya

--Kenyan people's life stories in China

●Submission procedure:

1. Participants should submit no more than three photos, with the registration form as attached.

2. The photo should be taken after 1st January,2019.

3. The photo should be clear enough with a size ranging from 1 M to 10 M. (Stitching photos are not allowed).

4. The photo should be original. (Embezzle or reprinting is not allowed).

5. Keep the original photo for verification (EXIF).

6. No signs such as the website name, links are allowed on the photos.

7. Please send the photos and registration forms(accompanied by the name of the photo) to before August 31st, 2019.

8. Please indicate "name of competitor + title/name of the photo".

NOTE: By participating in the contest implies that you have authorized the organizer complimentary use of the photo for publicity, publishing, exhibition, video or online shows.

● Procedures

--From August 1st to 31st

Competitors submit their works to

-- Beginning of September

Judges (a 5-member committee composed of both Chinese and Kenyan sides)select qualified works, separate the categories for professional (media) and amateur ( non-media group) photographers, rate and name the winners.

Professional group : 2 winners for the first prize, 4 for the second prize, 8 for the third prize.

Amateur group : 2 winners for the first prize, 4 for the second prize, 8 for the third prize.

There are 28 awards and winners in total.

--Awarding ceremony and exhibition

The award ceremony and exhibition of the winning

photos will be hosted on the National Day Reception at the Chinese Embassy in Nairobi in late September.

● Prizes

The first prize: a camera worth about 1,000-1,200 USD.

The second prize: a laptop worth about 600-800 USD.

The third prize: a smartphone worth 400-500 USD.

● Contacts:

Mr Liu Qianli

Email address:

Mr Innocent Serem

Mobile phone: 0707220307

Email address:

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